What is a Bath Bomb?

What's better than to submerge your body into a warm bath after a long day? Taking a bath is a perfect way to allow tension to melt off of your body and down the drain. Add something special to help aid in your relaxation...a Bath Bomb! But what is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are essentially hard-packed spheres, discs or other fun shapes that are added to bath water for your relaxation and enjoyment. They are comprised of primarily baking soda, citric acid, oils, and dyes that dissolve in water. These bath time favorites can transform a simple soak into the highlight of one’s day, calming nerves and softening skin while entertaining bathers with fantastic fizz, soothing scents, and captivating colors.

Our bath bombs are made with carefully picked, high quality organic ingredients. We believe in making your bath bomb experience one of the best, by taking the extra time to create something truly sublime.

Please take your bathing experience to the next level, try one of our Husk Her Happy Bath Bombs!